How do I submit my merchandise for consideration?

1.  Email a numbered list of the items and include photos of the items to

2.  Photo Tips - One photo for a large item.  You may group small items together and take a photo of the group.

3.  Include information about items such as size and manufacturer.  Please include your name and phone number.

What happens next?

All items (both consigned and donated) are reviewed by our team of merchandisers and you can expect to hear from them in 1-3 days regarding if/what we have a market for.  Due to space constraints, market demand, and current stock, not all items can be accepted at all times.  All items must be clean, in good condition and where applicable, in working order.  We may accept certain items as donations that we may not accept as consignments.  Even if we cannot accept your items, please know we appreciate your goodwill and interest in supporting Wellness House.  

After my items are accepted, what is the process?

Once we communicate with you the accepted items, we will propose a Monday date for move-in. You have 3 days to confirm in order to secure that move-in date.  The shop is closed for retail sales on Monday and that is the day we receive our new items and redesign the shop.

How do I move my items in?

Transportation of consigned items is the responsibility of the consignor.  We have a mover that you may hire.

Donated large items that have been approved will be transported to the Courtyard at our cost within a reasonable distance.  Donated small items may be brought in by the donator.

What are the specifics of the consignment agreement?

Consigned merchandise remains in the shop for 60 days with a price reduction of 15% after 30 days.  Bids will be considered during the final 10 days and are accepted only with your approval. If unsold in 60 days, items may be reclaimed or donated.  Reclaim items must be picked up within 3 days of the end of the consignment period. Unless other arrangements are made, after that 3 day period, the items will be considered a donation to Wellness House.

How much and when do I get paid?

Proceeds from consignment items are split with 50% going to the consignor and 50% supporting Wellness House. The portion of the sale received by Wellness House is tax deductible for the consignor.

All payments are made via check to the address we have on file the month AFTER your item sells. If your item sells in September, your check will be mailed by the 10th of the October.

Is there any paperwork?

You bet!  All new consignors must complete a Consignment Agreement form with their first submission. Please print the document below and bring it with you or send it with the mover on Monday. 


We look forward to working with you!

If you are familiar with our write ups, you may print an Inventory Form