All merchandise at The Courtyard has been generously donated or placed on consignment. 100% of the proceeds from donated items directly support Wellness House. Proceeds from consignment items are split with 50% going to the consignor and 50% supporting Wellness House. The portion of the sale received by Wellness House may be considered tax deductible to the consignor.

In order to maintain the quality and value that our customers have come to expect, all items (both consigned and donated) are reviewed by our team of merchandisers prior to being brought in and placed for sale in the shop. All items must be clean, in good condition and where applicable, in good working order.  Due to space constraints, market demand, and current stock, not all items will be accepted at all times. Please know we appreciate your goodwill and interest in supporting Wellness House.

Accepted items that are donated will be transported to the Courtyard at our cost. Transportation of consigned items is the responsibility of the consignor.

Once accepted, merchandise remains in the shop for 60 days with a price reduction of 15% after 30 days. If unsold in 60 days, items may be reclaimed or donated.  Reclaims must be made within 3 days of the end of the consignment period. Also, bids will be considered during the final 10 days and are accepted only with your approval. This pricing policy promotes an ever-changing inventory.

The Courtyard accepts items for consignment and donation after preapproval on designated dates and times only.  All items must be preapproved through the submission of photos to along with a completed Inventory Form. Photos must be of good quality, low resolution and attached as JPegs to the email.  We are unable to accept photos through other second party platforms such as Dropbox, flickr or Shutterfly or as zip files.  Descriptions should be complete and include, at a minimum, dimensions, manufacturer, and number of pieces in a set.  After your items via photo have been accepted and scheduled for move-in, you will need to download the Courtyard Inventory Form. You can either email to us or bring at your appointment time. 

Because of our new policy and procedure changes, all consignors, new and past, must complete a New Consignment Agreement form with their first submission. Please download below and email or bring in with your Courtyard Inventory Form.  Please note this new agreement indicates that all items that you are reclaiming must be picked up within 3 days of their expiration date or they will be automatically be donated.

Monday consignment appointments for small items have been suspended during the current pandemic environment.  Only furniture, lamps, mirrors, paintings, sets of china with 8 place settings or more and select decorative items and silverware priced over $50 will be accepted.  

AFTER ITEMS ARE APPROVED FOR MOVE IN - please print out and complete these forms.  Please do not send these forms until you have talked to the Merchandisers and your items have been approved.